Plant Essences

In the context of this website and in order to understand what tools Dawn uses to enhance her homeopathic practice, rendering it even more effective in helping clients overcome physical symptoms that limit their life creating exhaustion and pain and mental/emotional imbalances that result in stress and general debility, we have put plant essences in a general category. This grouping collects together flower essences, bush and tree essences, mineral and crystal essences as well as traditional herbal tinctures and extracts.

 Dawn is qualified to practice using all of these aids from nature and their preparation and use is different. Largely it depends on the method of capturing the energy of the natural substance and most importantly the dilution. Conversely the strength of the medicine is higher when the dilution is higher. This is how this natural medicine differs from conventional, orthodox and allopathic medicine. Such applications are often referred to as energy medicine or vibrational healing.

 We all know the value in communing with nature, hugging a tree, wild swimming, walking on sundewed grass. Sometimes this isn’t readily available to us in our busy lives so the plant essences that Dawn incorporates into her prescription where appropriate, magically puts us in touch with this “nature cure” in an accessible form of liquid drops or delivered on sugar pills. Some might argue that this is merely placebo effect. If so it’s another form of mind over matter and where is the harm in that? Yet the Doctrine of Signatures clearly spells out that nature is offering us its bounty. This makes fascinating reading. The shape of the leaf can suggest body parts or organs that the plant has an affinity for. Or it might be the colour of the petals or the shape of the root. This botanical information is what many herbalists base their knowledge of the healing power of plants on.


As part of the consultation process Dawn takes into account the mental and emotional aspects of the patient’s current state as well as the physical symptoms. The patient’s own description of what is going on, or an account of past trauma will invariably lead to a homeopathic prescription. Dawn will often include drops of plant essences, singly or in a combination, to support that prescription. This results in a safe and gentle healing process.

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