Health Coaching

Health Coaching

As Dawn’s understanding of human nature from working with individuals of all ages increases it becomes ever more obvious that in most cases the signs of disease, whether the symptoms are physical, mental or emotional, have their root in limiting and unwanted negative patterns of behaviour or thoughts. Yet when did telling ourselves “stop doing that” or “don’t think that” actually work?

Real change happens at a much deeper, unconscious level. One way of looking at this could be to think of this as an opportunity to re-pattern our familiar ways of experiencing life and our habitual expectations around health and happiness. Over the years, in order to be an effective communicator and to facilitate her clients to adopt positive beliefs and therefore feel better, Dawn has added to her repertoire a number of techniques such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), tapping (using acupressure points), trance work and kinesiology (muscle testing). 

These therapies are tools to directly influence the release of chemical messengers called neuro-transmittors which travel along the neural pathways. We have the power to challenge and change these pathways of old set ways and beliefs using techniques and exercises that are safe, simple, easy and fun. The patient is always the person in the driving seat and the result is that their awareness grows regarding the number of choices open to them. Then the ability to make those choices healthy and beneficial comes more naturally. The best way to grasp the concepts described here is simply to experience them. Dawn encourages people to book a consultation and see what emerges. The invitation is to come along and play, with an open mind (plus a small dash of skepticism).


The Other Side of the Road


We walk a path, it has been set out for us, we walk unquestioning. Our eyes are closed as we know we are safe, our ears are closed as we know we have the full truth. One day walking the path, I was led into a doctors surgery holding my mothers hand as I pushed my baby’s pram. They know what must be done. Ten minutes later we all emerged with a prescription for a drug I have no understanding of and an explanation that it may just be my own fault I was unwell anyway.

We left and walked the path. We could have all walked on to collect those pills but inexplicably we were pulled off course, we crossed over the road to a path that had been hidden from my view. For a while the path was difficult to tread, overgrown and uneven, it was challenging after walking that flat Tarmac for so long.

I walked the new path with a guide, Dawn Keyse. Homeopathy had never been on my radar, I thought maybe it was just the little bottles in health food shops. Homeopathy and Dawn offered me an ear that heard my reality. Dawn has a wisdom and empathy that I have never experienced, I had talked endlessly with others but just travelled in circles. I was moving forward to a positive place and Dawn helped my whole family on their way too. The remedies I went home with felt so appropriate after someone had so carefully listened to me and so they affected real, positive change. This lead to a domino effect of positive change throughout my lifestyle, diet and health.

There is an alternative, and it is real if you just cross over to a new way of thinking.

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