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I Work With You to Create a Custom Nutrition Plan & Healthy Habits

We all know that self-care is important to our mental and physical health and well-being. And we probably all know, at least in part, how to practice self-care.  If looking after our body and mind – the vehicles that carry us through life – was that simple, we would all be ‘just doing it’.

 Natural nutrition, nutritional healing, naturopathy and nature-cure are all, as the words suggest, to do with living according to The Laws of Nature. This involves getting our sustenance from seasonal, local, unprocessed food and finding solutions to symptoms of illness using natural substances to achieve wellness.

Dawn embarked on her love affair with nature and utilised its gifts in the form of homeopathy to restore her own health. Her understanding and knowledge expanded as she explored the healing powers of these naturally occurring substances in their less dilute forms; from plant and mineral essences to food supplements and directly from food as food. One of the revelations on this journey was grasping that at a cellular level the healing will be faster and more permanent once the individual cell is fully hydrated, oiled and given the raw materials to use as resources for repair, renewal, restoration and renovation.

 A famous quote from Hippocrates is “Let Food be thy Medicine and let Medicine be thy Food”

 The nutrition gap describes the difference between the levels of nutrients the average person, eating a reasonable Western diet, is obtaining from food, and those nutrient levels identified by research as being needed for optimal health in the population. The nutritional status of our bodies is dependent on a number of factors, including our food choices; the nutrient content of the food we eat;  the ability of our bodies to assimilate these nutrients. In addition lifestyle factors, such as smoking, stress, alcohol intake, medications etc. give rise to increased nutrient requirements. Our level of activity and our genetics play a part in this, as does the quality of food available to us which is influenced by affordability, modern farming methods and food processing.

We are currently experiencing poor digestive health on a global scale and the solution is in our own hands. Sometimes this seems to be the worlds best kept secret. The work involved can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. One of Dawn’s mottoes is Safe, Simple, Easy and Fun and above all Sustainable. It isn’t a quick fix or even very sexy. There is no hype around the philosophy and principles of Nutritional Healing. One of your best resources is the willingness to have a go and Dawn can assist you in terms of commitment.

Dawn is passionate about sharing this knowledge and experience and studied with the Nutritional Healing Foundation, achieved her Diploma in Nutritional Healing and now offers this to her patients as well as running workshops and courses on the subject.

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