“My first visit to Dawn Keyse was over 5 years ago. I was simply unwell and was unable to shake off cold symptoms that kept interrupting my life. Dawn was able to discuss my symptoms and more importantly help me to address the problems causing the symptoms. Her approach, as always, is non-judgmental, empathizing, problem solving and calm reflectiveness.

I have returned to Dawn over the years for homeopathic treatment when I felt I needed a deeper understanding of my health problems which are mostly connected to important emotional decisions in my life. In addressing one area Dawn always manages to explore the other, leaving the sessions with remedies for the body and thoughts for the mind and soul. I have recommended Dawn to my friends and will continue without reservation to be a patient of hers.”

S.Y. Female – Depletion

“I cannot speak highly enough of Dawn – she is one very special lady. I initially visited Dawn for homeopathic help with the considerable menopausal anxiety and depression I was suffering and gained so much more. I am 6 months later a different person – able to cope with what life throws at me. I now eat healthily and have lost weight. I have a more positive relationship with all those around me and am looking forward to the years ahead of me free from all my old ‘issues’. Thank you Dawn.”

M.V. Female – Positive relationships

“Dawn has been our family homeopath for over 9 years, supporting us through the birth of our second daughter, and our children’s growth. We continue to work with her because together with homeopathy we get the results we want. She’s the only homeopath we recommend.”

KN:- Family Homeopath

“I was getting pretty desperate when I went along for a consultation with Dawn, through lack of sleep related to a health issue that just didn’t want to be dealt with by conventional approaches. This was my third monthly consultation with Dawn and so far we just didn’t seem to be getting very far. This time we went deeper into what was happening in my life and my history and I came away with a new homeopathic remedy and some herbal tincture. That night I had the best night’s sleep in a long time and each night afterwards has been the same. I am totally amazed at the difference just one tablet and a nightly herbal remedy can make. Thank you so much, Dawn, for giving me my life back again.”

T.T. Male – At wit’s end

“I’d been suffering from a variety of symptoms for about 3 years. Hot flushes mainly – sometimes every few minutes. My G.P. prescribed HRT tablets. These worked very well for about 6 months and then I started having side-effects. eg; heavy periods, racing pulse. I then tried several other combinations including patches and the same thing happened.

My daughter knew someone who had tried homeopathy with success and she had been to Dawn. I rang Dawn for an appointment. On the first visit we had a long chat and she prescribed me some tablets. Within a week my symptoms had disappeared. I had 5 follow-up visits. I feel very healthy now and would recommend homeopathy to anyone.”

M.S. Female – A woman ‘of a certain age’

“My initial treatments from Dawn back in 1998 were life changing. I don’t pretend to completely understand the wonders of how homeopathy works but the results for myself were amazing. Over the past 13 years I have also had treatments from Dawn for general health maintenance, so can highly recommend Dawn for the big health issues as well as the everyday.

However, Dawn is far more than a homeopath – she is highly intune with life’s processes and people and has many, many other skills and experiences which she brings to her homeopathic practice. Dawn is also consistent in her personality, approach and professionalism. If I could award Dawn gold stars I would.”

T.C. Female – General Health Maintenance

“Approximately 4 years ago I started with noises in my left ear as a result of an accident I sustained while working at home. Conventional treatment by my doctor and a specialist was not very encouraging, as there is no known drug that can cure this disability, so a combination of this, and the almost continuous noise in my ear sent me into quite severe depression. It was at this point I saw an advert in the local paper by Dawn Keyse concerning homeopathy, and desperate to try and do something about my condition I contacted Dawn and there followed a series of consultations and treatment with homeopathy.

Four years on, there are occasions when I still hear a sound, but it is at such a low level I hardly notice it, and I feel fine in my general health and well being. I feel that the meetings and treatment I received with Dawn was instrumental in bringing about my recovery, and it is something I shall always be grateful for.”

G.E.R. Male – Problems with the ear

Prior to visiting Dawn, on the recommendation of a friend, I had been suffering for about a year with undiagnosed abdominal problems, which would occur spontaneously and with no regular rhythm or known food cause These attacks would last for between 5 and 7 hours and would leave me feeling as though I had been beaten up by Mike Tyson. This would happen sometimes 3 times in a week. I had tests on everything that could be tested but without result. I got really scared, but deep down was convinced that the problem was not with my bowel, but in my stomach. I had a consultation with Dawn. We just chatted for about an hour, with Dawn asking me questions and me giving her a potted life history. She then gave me a few tiny homeopathic pills and a flower remedy and asked me to return in 3 weeks. Amazingly in those three weeks I had had only one severe attack.

Now after my third consultation with Dawn I am attack free and continuing with a low dose of the homeopathic remedy for the time being. This is nothing short of miraculous and I cannot thank Dawn enough for everything she has done.”

R.G. Female – A few tiny homeopathic pills

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